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When Is It Time to Provide Teething Treatments for a Child?

Have you begun noticing signs of teething in your child yet? When is it time to provide teething treatments for a child? All children will at some point go through the painful rite of passage known as teething. This occurs when teeth break above the gum line in their mouths and become visible for all...


How to Soothe Your Teething Baby

Do you ever wish there was a way to sooth your teething baby? If so, our [practice_name] team has some good news for you! There are many different ways you can give your baby the comfort they deserve, and we are happy to tell you all about them. If you want to soothe your baby,...


What to Do When Your Baby Is Teething

Effective oral care begins early, even before your baby’s first tooth erupts. Caring for your baby’s gums is vital to her health. Cleaning your baby’s gums can prevent problems as her teeth emerge. A baby’s tooth buds start to form while mom is in her second trimester. When the roots form they force crown upward....