For children, one of the most important aspects of dental care is prevention. Sealants, thin plastic coatings painted on the pre-molars and molars, are a simple yet effective way to protect your child’s teeth. The teeth located in the back of the mouth, the chewing surfaces, are quite susceptible to decay. This is because of the deep ridges and grooves on the surfaces of these teeth. Not only are the chewing surfaces hard to clean, especially for children, but decay-causing bacteria and food particles are also easily trapped. Dr.Romney uses sealants as a protective barrier while also make your child’s teeth easier to clean. By doing so, we are able to prevent decay and promote good dental hygiene habits.

Our pediatric dentist is able to apply sealants in a matter of minutes per tooth. After the tooth is cleaned and prepared with a gentle bonding liquid, the sealant is carefully painted over the tooth’s surface and allowed to harden. After a quick polish, the sealant is complete. Generally, sealants are ideal for your child’s permanent teeth that have not experienced decay or damage or to protect the primary teeth until your child’s permanent teeth comes in. To learn more about dental sealants in Salt Lake City, Utah, and how they can protect your child’s smile, please contact us at Romney Pediatric Dental today.