The health of your child’s entire tooth is important to our pediatric dentist and is one of the reasons we offer treatments for the inner portion of the tooth. A pulpotomy is the restorative treatment most likely recommend by our dentist to treat infections and decay located inside of your child’s tooth. This treatment is similar in many ways to endodontic treatments offered for adults and is even referred to by many as a baby root canal. However, the goal of a pulpotomy in Salt Lake City, Utah, is to remove the infected dental pulp only from the crown of the tooth, or the portion of the tooth above the gum line. This is mainly due to the size of your child’s pulp chamber, which is much larger as a child than an adult and more susceptible to decay and damage.

When performing a pulpotomy, Dr.Romney will use safe sedation and anesthetic techniques to eliminate pain and help your child feel comfortable. The crown of the tooth is gently opened and all decay is removed before being replaced with a restorative material. Once the inner portion of the tooth has been restored, we will seal the tooth with a filling or pediatric crown. The goal of a pulpotomy is to preserve the primary tooth, minimize discomfort, and restore the function of the tooth until it falls out. If your child is expressing that their teeth hurt, you may need a pulpotomy and we encourage you to contact us at Romney Pediatric Dental. We are eager to help take care of your child’s smile.