Tooth Extractions

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For Dr.Romney, there is nothing more important than promoting outstanding oral health throughout your child’s lifetime. We take the formative years of your child’s oral development seriously and do everything within our power to promote healthy growth. As part of this ongoing effort, we may suggest a tooth extraction in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tooth extractions are the complete removal of a tooth from its place in your child’s gum and jaw.

In most cases, we recommend tooth extractions to ensure your child’s permanent teeth develop properly. Sometimes, the primary (baby) teeth have become so damaged or decayed that they pose a threat to the rest of the smile. Other times, there is not enough room for the permanent teeth to erupt from the gum line as they should. Whenever our team suggests a tooth extraction, you can rest assured that it is because our pediatric dentist considers it absolutely necessary.

Tooth extractions are simple and result in very little discomfort for your child. After the tooth has been removed, we may discuss how to maintain the space until your child’s permanent tooth grows in. We hope that if you have any questions about tooth extractions, you will contact us at Romney Pediatric Dental today. We look forward to improving your child’s overall oral health.