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You probably already know that your child’s diet is important to their overall health. But did you know that what your child eats and drinks also has an impact on the health of their teeth and gums? Our pediatric dentist at Romney Pediatric Dental, Dr. Romney offers nutritional counseling for parents wanting direction and advice in determining a healthier diet for their child. This includes discussing your child’s diet and eating habits. Important questions to ask when thinking about nutrition and dentistry include:

  • Is my child receiving foods from the five major food groups?
  • How often does my child snack?
  • What snacks does my child eat?
  • When do I give my child formula, juice, or milk?
  • Are the foods my child eats sticky, hard, or difficult to clean?

If you are interested in learning more about dental nutrition in Salt Lake City, Utah, we encourage you to give our dental office a call. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and help you start in the right direction. We would also love to meet you and your family and begin nutritional counseling for lasting oral health and vitality. Our team truly cares about all aspects of your child’s dental health. We hope to work with you soon!