When Is It Time to Provide Teething Treatments for a Child?

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Have you begun noticing signs of teething in your child yet? When is it time to provide teething treatments for a child? All children will at some point go through the painful rite of passage known as teething. This occurs when teeth break above the gum line in their mouths and become visible for all the world to see. This process can be painful and cause discomfort for your child. It’s important to look for the signs that your child is teething and provide comfort and treatment when necessary.

One of the first indicators of teething is the teeth itself. If you are seeing new teeth, they could already be causing your child pain. A few other signs and symptoms typically include changes in sleeping patterns, an increase in fussiness, a general loss of appetite or desire for eating, and excessive or irregular drooling. This is normal and typical of children who are teething. However, if your child begins to develop rashes or fevers, or has diarrhea, you should consult your child’s pediatrician.

When you child is teething, there are a few treatment methods you can use to help them through the pain. This includes using products to numb or alleviate the pain, such as cold spoons, washcloths, gauze pads, and specially designed teething rings. If your hands are clean, you can also use your finger to gently rub across their gums.

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