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Let the Tooth Fairy Inspire Your Child’s Healthy Smile Goals

Parents everywhere have long welcomed helpers to motivate our children, not to mention making parenting fun. Even mythological helpers can help make the job of parenting more festive and in the case of the Tooth Fair, productive. In fact, the Tooth Fairly has been putting smiles on children’s faces for decades, along with Santa and...


What to Do When Your Baby Is Teething

Effective oral care begins early, even before your baby’s first tooth erupts. Caring for your baby’s gums is vital to her health. Cleaning your baby’s gums can prevent problems as her teeth emerge. A baby’s tooth buds start to form while mom is in her second trimester. When the roots form they force crown upward....


What to Do When Your Child Has a Thumbsucking Habit

So, your child sucks their thumb. Well, this is a common habit that many children have, and it’s nothing to be too stressed about. However, the habit can be harmful to your child’s smile, so we ask that you do everything you can to keep the thumbsucking to a minimum. How does thumbsucking harm my...


Understanding Baby Teeth

Most babies are born with teeth that have yet to emerge from the gum tissue. Over the course of the first two to three years 20 teeth erupt from the gums. These primary teeth, sometimes called baby teeth, are lost over time as our mouth grows. By age 18 most people will have all their...