Should I be Concerned About Fluorosis in My Child?

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If your city has fluoride in its drinking water, than chances are good that between the water and their toothpaste, your child is receiving enough fluoride. Before supplementing your child’s fluoride intake you should talk with your dentist.

Fluorosis is a condition that affects the teeth of children. If your child receives too much fluoride before their teeth come in, those teeth may have brown or white streaks or spots Often, the discoloration from fluorosis is not even noticeable. In fact, the only person who may notice that your child has fluorosis may be your dentist, if it is a mild case. However, in a more severe case, your child’s teeth may be have black or brown streaks, or they may become pitted. The discoloration caused by fluorosis is permanent, and if it occurs in your child’s adult teeth, your dentist can suggest cosmetic solutions, and talk with you about when to use them.

It’s important to remember that fluorosis is a cosmetic issue, and does not affect the health of your child’s teeth. But if you notice any kind of tooth discoloration, you should contact your dentist since there are other conditions that can change the color of your child’s teeth. You dentist will want to evaluate the amount of fluoride your child is getting to see if fluorosis is the problem, along with giving your child an exam to see if the discoloration may be the result of cavities or other issues.

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